Curious about serving me? Here's a taste of my deviant encounters.

I have to say this was one of the most memorable sessions I have ever had.Mistress Ophelia is the most stunning and wickedly evil young Mistress with wonderful legs that make her tower over when pounding you from behind with her wonderful strap on toys.
From the moment you enter the dungeon till you leave you are made feel welcome and your sensory system is put to the the test with her wonderful surprises that she majestically provides.
Thank you Mistress Ophelia
— Bas - May 2018
From my initial online interactions with Mistress Ophelia I knew she was a Professional Domme of integrity and intelligence. Her communication style was extremely clear and we arranged a session with ease, having followed all instructions carefully.

When I arrived at the dungeon I was blown away by Her beauty in latex top & skirt, stockings and fabulous new boots. Immediately I was made to feel at ease and we started by me stripping naked and then presenting myself in front of Her. She then carefully and considerately went through limits and desires before we started the session. Everything after that was pure bliss.

Having been collared and forced around after Her she got to work with Her flogger, nails and whip and placing me in various positions and marking me as Her property. After that I was afforded the privilege of drinking Her golden nectar but, rightly so, I had not earned the privilege of seeing Her sacred cunt. Blindfolded and with a funnel in my mouth I was afforded a taste of the most wonderfully tasting liquid imaginable.

After that we moved to the corner of the dungeon where, gracefully atop Her seat in the corner I was allowed to worship Her boots and stockinged legs and serve as Her human ashtray. The act of spitting in my mouth and dropping the ash on my tongue was intimate submission at it’s finest. We finished with the cigarette being put out on my tongue and then being asked to swallow the butt. My first time serving in that way but made so easy by Her intoxicating power.

Finally, we finished the session with my balls being restrained in a humbler, being forced to crawl to Her and then being flogged on the ass again. To finish we discussed the session and She offered to provide extra aftercare if needed. I could tell She enjoyed the session by Her broad smile which made me even more satisfied that I had done what I had come to do - to please Her.

I will definitely be a repeat client. The kind of session offered by Mistress Ophelia and the person She is makes that impossible to resist
— Devoted to Ophelia 20/10/2017
I have been practicing bdsm for 30 years and have considered myself a heavy masochist but beautiful and stunning Mistress Ophelia has changed the way I think about submission. Mistress Ophelia is so creative and imaginative in Her approaches to bdsm and I can’t ever remember being so sroused at the thought of submitting to someone.

Mistress Ophelia has so many of the sadistic skills I seek but She combines these with an approach to humiliation and head fuck that I have never seen anyone come close to matching.

I find myself fantasising about the most hardcore s&m play combined with surrendering myself totally to the humiliating and degrading will of this stunning Dominatrix.

Thank You, Mistress Ophelia for awakening in me something no one else has.
— Melbourne Maid 20/10/2017

Thank You Mistress Ophelia for the most wonderful experience You provided me with for the first time i submitted myself to You.
Have you ever been searching for the missing part of your life and then when you find it, you just go WOW, why have i been waiting so long.
Well that was how I felt after serving the Beautiful Mistress Ophelia for the first time.
Mistress Ophelia is a stunning Dominant Woman who knows precisely who to treat a submissive male.
Upon arrival, Mistress put my nerves at ease and made me fell comfortable and relaxed with Her Dominant and controlled demeanor and looked spectacular in Her black leather pants boots, corset and shear black top.
I was ordered to strip naked and neatly place my clothing and then present myself to me Mistress on my knees, hands clasped behind my head.
I was then shackled in various positions as my back,, bottom, nipples, cock and balls felt the sting and kisses on Mistresses many and varied whips, crops, floggers and canes, with my cock and balls receiving most of the attention.
After being unshackled, I had the pleasure or removing Mistresses stunning long boots and worshiping Mistresses perfectly manicured feet and providing Mistress with a lovely foot massage.
I was then shackled down on the massage table on my back with the Beautiful Mistress Ophelia again providing attention to my cock and balls with sounding, play piercing and elctro torture.My session was finished off with a glass of Mistress Golden Nectar

Mistress Ophelia is a Magnificent and Stunning Mistress and knew exactly how to treat this submissive male

I am very much looking forward to my next session with this Beautiful and Wonderful Mistress which will definitely be a much longer session where I can share and experience more of my deepest darkest fantasies and desires by worshiping my Goddess, Mistress Ophelia

Thank You Mistress for allowing me to Serve You in this manner
— Slave G - 2nd October 2017

My session with Mistress Ophelia was the most amazing experience of my life. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have been given the opportunity to worship Her divine being in person.

I was nervous before attending the session; once in Her presence, I was graced with overwhelming senses of tranquility, peace and humility. I was ordered to strip off all my clothes and belongings, and I was officially collared and leashed; this was a point of complete surrender I had never experienced before. I belonged to Goddess Ophelia as Her property and I loved every moment of my submission.

What Her divine body considered waste was received by mine as fountain of youth; it was a great honor to serve my Goddess as both, a human toilet and a human ashtray. Her golden nectar healed my body and Her pure saliva took my soul to heavens. Being trusted with the task of massaging and worshiping the holy feet of who I now truly consider to be ‘the most sacred being in the universe’ was an experience out of this world. Being fortunate enough to kiss the soles of her feet was my pinnacle of glory and having to kiss Her divine hand goodbye (thus leaving Her presence) was the most difficult part of my session.

My only regret was that I might have bored my Goddess with my low pain tolerance. I do hope that she will be forgiving, and that she will consider me worthy of serving her again in the next few months, before I leave Australia. After all, ‘to err is human; to forgive is Goddess’.

Worshiping Goddess Ophelia is my new-found religion. I will always worship the ground She walks on, and to Her I shall pray for the rest of my life.
— Slave Al
She was statuesque, alluring and magnificent. Her innovation and assiduity left me ecstatic, content, euphoric and rapturous.
Good old-fashioned word not used much these days.
Should one not be fully sure of the respective meanings, a visit to Mistress Ophelia will soon make the definitions abundantly clear.
It was an unadulterated pleasure having my vocabulary improved yesterday afternoon!
— Slave L

Thank you Mistress for a great night. I was so nervous all day didn’t know what to think.
When i arrived you made me feel so welcome and comfortable in a situation that is completely taboo. I really enjoyed our chat and it made me so comfortable with you, you have a very beautiful personality as well as killer looks. Its nice to finally meet someone who is into what im into and doesnt laugh or make fun because you understand.
Its been 10 years since anyone has touched me the way you have (minus the anal of course). The warmth of your body and your gentle voice was very soothing. While tied up i felt so at peace with myself and so happy someone was looking after me. When i looked into your eyes i could see a genuinely beautiful soul. Its just a shame i couldn’t spend more time.
I loved your little giggles when you were tormenting me, I’m glad my flinches and manhood could amuse you.
Anal was interesting especially whatever it was that was vibrating that was very funky.
Hope you enjoy your present.
I hope we meet again some day.
Thank you so much for an unforgettable night
— Jon 4/4/17

BDSM has made me so inquisitive for a few years now and I have researched quite extensively regarding it and finally came to the decision that it was time to act upon my proclivities.

Undertaking my journey along the path of BDSM was most profound and was electrifying as I was able to learn so much about myself through Mistress and Mistress quintessentially helped me discover myself and helped me discover my proclivities. The juxtaposition was a unique experience of pain and euphoria in the highest while allowing me to understand the way my proclivities impact upon my personality and my emotions.

When entering Mistress’s dungeon I was nervous, however, Mistress made me feel safe and secure in her presences with her strict, kind and understanding demeanour. A substantial amount of that nervousness subsided throughout our time and then an intense emotion of liberty permeated my mind and body when Mistress had me restrained by having my limbs bound. When Mistress applied the headscissors on me with her legs I was able to experience how physically strong those legs really were. At this point I was slightly nervous as I was rendered helpless and was vulnerable to Mistress’s whims but simultaneously enjoying the feeling of shear liberty.

I have found Mistress Ophelia Fatale to be extremely intelligent and intuitive while also classy and understanding and I have absolutely no qualms concerning subsequent sessions.

Thank you so very much Mistress Ophelia Fatale.
— James

My second session with Mistress Ophelia, had to live up to quite a fair bit after our last session. But again she did not disappoint from the moment you walk into the dungeon she takes control and sets you in her sights. From the boot worship being forced to gag on her heel to the wax play which stepped up a notch from the previous session, she had me squirming on the table and to finish she used me as a rope bunny for her enjoyment, which exposed a cheeky side of me which I’m sure I will pay for in the next session.
Thank you for another amazing session Mistress Ophelia, looking forward to what our next session together holds.
— Marcus

I have not known Mistress Ophelia long, and so far do not have the honor of being her owned and collared slave. Though ever since I first met and spoke with Mistress I have been overwhelmed by her beauty, understanding, intelligence, compassion and power over me. Mistress is the most insightful and understanding person I have encountered, and she knows how to use this insight and understanding to get inside your head and led your on a journey of submission and by her grace train and improve you; allowing you to become the best slave you can be and even a better person by training you to embrace your true self.

Mistress has a way of knowing exactly what hidden desires you have, and what needs to be done to improve you. Every interaction with Mistress has been a wonder and something I am very grateful for, she is truly a powerful and commanding woman, and with it intelligent and graceful knowing when is best to use her power or her grace to completely overwhelm you and bring out the best in a slave.

I am thankful for the day I was found by Mistress, I know she will make me the best slave I can be and I long to serve and improve for her. Any slave would be honored for a moment of her time and should always look up to her and worship her magnificence.

Thank you Mistress.
— Ophelia's Little One (hopefully)

Thank You for the magnificent session. Your gentle smile and graceful demeanor quickly quelled my initial nervousness. Your soothing hypnotic voice with which You commanded me was Siren’s call to my ears. The delicate feminine scent of Your body mixed with the scent of rubber intoxicated me. The delicious touch of Your whip on my exposed body impressed upon me how much I was at Your mercy. I craved those glimpses of You smiling fondly at me while I quivered in delightful torment. In those pleasant hours that passed swiftly by, I had melted into a blissful state of humbleness and tranquility, with nothing in my mind, except that of surrender to Mistress.
— Raphael Li

What a wonderful experience to meet Mistress Ophelia! She’s a true Goddess whose natural dominance makes you sink to your knees without hesitation. Once there, you enter a world where pain, pleasure, and desire meld seamlessly into a symphony of sensual experience. I was in ecstasy as She graced me with Her golden nectar — the sacred cascade filled my senses to overflowing, while Her laughter filled my soul with the searing, delicious, humiliation of it — something I’ll never forget!!! That was just the start!!!!
She was totally professional, yet completely overwhelmed me with Her dark, succulent, magic ...
I simply can’t wait for the next time!!!
— Ian Slave 18/04/2017

Thank you Mistress for playing with me a second time. This time i gave her the option of what she really wanted to do me. She swiftly suspended me forcing me ontop my tip toes leaving me totally exposed to her soft hands and biting single whip. Even so i felt i was being cared for she was firm but also capable of destroying me there and then. A true professional understand of both physical and physcological torture teasing me with possibilities of further torment. Every oppurtunity she focused her eyes her hands and her body to me making me feel i was the only person in the world she wanted to play with. She also introduced me to nipple clamps though i was unsure at first i never felt forced i just wanted to please her. She longed to hear me scream with pain and got it out from me eventually after squeezing my tender nipples.

I miss it already!
— Jon 7/4/17

26th of January will be remembered by some people for many things, Australia Day, being with friends the Triple J 100. For me however it will always be remembered as the day I finally was able to be in the presence of a true Goddess, Mistress Ophelia.

Never before have I been in the presence of someone so beautiful, and inspiring. Mistress is, if one can believe it, even more beautiful in person than her photos; but not only is she simply stunning she is also the most powerful person you could ever hope to kneel before. Kneeling before Mistress gave me a sense of purpose I have not felt for a long time, and I truly considered myself thankful to be able to serve her.

Mistress made my body and mind her plaything, and every lash of her whip was like a kiss that sent shivers and sensations rushing through my body. I consider myself lucky to have received one such kiss, but to receive many and have the memories on my flesh afterwards is a great gift only Mistress could have ever generously bestowed on me.

Never have I been more fortunate than when I was given the opportunity to massage Mistress’ perfect feet at the end of our session as my body still hummed and throbbed from her use of it, that warm glow from my welts giving a comforting sting, hours later I am still thinking of it with great fondness.

My only regrets, that I did not see Mistress sooner.....and that I am not with her now.

Thank you Mistress,
— Your Little One

Yesterday I had a dungeon session with Mistress Ophelia, my first ever dungeon session with Mistress, and it could not have been more perfect. Mistress Ophelia is beautiful beyond compare, She is almost innocent looking which is an amazing juxtaposition as She is so assuredly and unquestionably dominant, experienced and utterly professional. I was incredibly nervous but despite Her sadistic dominance Mistress has insight and has an amazing knack for getting me to admit things I have never admitted before. Still a day later i am in absolute bliss, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time with a more stunning goddess.
— Henry

I arrived for my double domme session with mistress ophelia and was met by two of the most stunning mistresses i have ever seen. I was ordered to undress and pour them a glass of wine each from the bottle i had brought with me. It was explained to me that i would be tested to see if i would make a suitable sear for them but first i would need to prove my worthiness of such an honor. A collar and restraints were fitted along with waited nipple clamps. My cock and balls were tightly bound and i was ready for service . I was instructed to worship the boots and heels of both mistresses and then their stockinged feet, once mistress ophelia was satisfied that i had shown some promise i was ordered to kiss both of their panty covered bottoms, again once satisfied i was ordered onto my back where the other mistress promptly took a seat on my face. Comfort and breath holding ability were casually discussed whilst they drank there wine as the mistresses took turns testing out their new seat. After sometime i was released from my restraints and told that I showed promise but i required more training. I was then ordered to get dressed and leave.
I have to say this was one of the most memorable sessions i have ever had.mistress ophelia is the most stunning and wickedly evil young mistress i have ever had the privilege to serve, i hope I am worthy to one day be a permanent seat in mistress ophelia’s dungeon.
— Face Seat