Due to the high volume of self proclaimed slaves that I encounter on a daily basis, with little to know knowledge of protocol or respect; I've been working hours on end to design a new slave training program! 

Think of Me as the Head Mistress of Slave School, in this training program you will learn to serve Me the way that I want you to. You are not a slave unless you act like one, and you cannot act like one without the proper training! 

My newly curated version of Slave School will cover the following: 

  • The role of the Mistress  
  • The role of the slave  
  • Slave interview - are you worthy of being My slave? Can you handle My training? 
  • Basic comands
  • Slave positions
  • sensory control  
  • CFNM  
  • Forms of service 
  • Correct protocol
  • Ownership and servitude, are you collared slave material?
  • Discipline/Punishment
  • My favourite activities  
  • Chastity training
  • Orgasm control and denial

Optional components: 

  • Toilet training (Golden showers only) 
  • Chastity and keyholding 
  • Personal slave training
  • Pain tolerance training 
  • Cock and ball torture 
  • Pegging! Take it like a bitch to please Me


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