The most common (and irritating) questions that I receive

I find myself coninuously repeating myself to various men on a daily basis, luckily not all of you are like this, (thank you to those that are cooperative, honest and take the time to read my website) but the majority need it spelled out for them. 

  1.   "I don't know what to expect, can you tell me how the session will go?" Okay so typically, you show up, we discuss limits, safety and session content, you shower, you pay, we do the session and then you leave. If you want to speak in detail before your session, you will need to pay a consultation fee . Don't forget that I speak with men like you daily, I know when someone is trying to get free kinky chat! 
  2.  "Can you tour my city Mistress?" Are you prepared to fund my accomodation and flights? Didn't think so. Then you will need to travel to me. 
  3.  "What services do you offer?" This is explained on my website. Read it. 
  4.  "How much?"  If you're seriously asking this, I won't take you seriously. Again, read my website. 
  5.  "I'm a student, can I have a discount?" Honey this isn't subway. 

Please, please PLEASE read my website before contacting me.