"How can I please you Mistress?"

A question that I am asked every single time I receive a booking, a question that you must know the answer to, to ensure that you're presence is always welcomed with open arms or a kiss of her whip. 

  1.   HONOURIFICS - I don't know how many times I need to say it, you will address your superior as Mistress, Goddess, Madam or whichever title she so chooses for herself. You will ALWAYS capitalise the first letter of her title. 
  2. CAN YOUR QUESTION BE ANSWERED BY LOOKING AT HER WEBSITE OR BLOG?  This should be a no-brainer. No one likes a pest, and I can speak for myself when I say that when I am busy replying to a mass of emails and calls; the last thing I want is to receive a trivial question that I have already answered on my website. 
  3. GIFTS  - Duh! Women love to be spoiled, and alpha women deserve to be spoiled every second of the day. There is no better way than showing your gratitude for your Queens time than bringing her a token of appreciation - see the bottom of this blog post for gifts that I love to have presented to me before a session. 
  4.  BE A ROLE MODEL FOR OTHER SUBMISSIVES - If you have an internet presence, ensure that you use this exposure to its full potential! When speaking to Mistress on a public forum always ensure that you use your manners, express your gratitude and defer from making statements that tend to only your desires. Show off the benefits of your training! ;-) 
  5. PROMOTE YOUR MISTRESS & FEMDOM - Again, if you have an internet presence that reaches a certain audience you can use this to promote your Mistresses services. Whether you are retweeting her posts, showing the after effects of your session or blogging & reviewing your experiences with Mistress, I am confident that she will appreciate it. 
  6. DO YOUR RESEARCH - I seriously cannot express this enough. Researching BDSM practices, protocol and safety will help you and your Mistress immensely in knowing your kinks, limits and health concerns!
  7. ASSIST HER FINANCIALLY - But you already knew this. Your mistress may occasionally reveal details of her personal life but for the majority of the time, the only way that you can become closer to her is to show your gratitude financially, whether you are tipping her for her immaculate service or reimbursing her for an essential purchase I can assure you that it will bring you appreciation. 

How to gift Me: 

  1. I thoroughly enjoy gifts in the form of kinky toys! Whether it's something you know I will like or would like to use with Me in session, it is much better to ask prior as I may already have an 8ft red bullwhip. If you really wish to surprise Mistress, you can present me with a gift card to SAX leather, Black Rabbit Store or Lucrezia De Sade. 
  2. Fetish wear, lingerie and clothing. Again it is best to ask first as sizes vary brand to brand and I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to what goes on My body. I am particularly partial to Latex and Leather outfits. 
  3. Shoes and stockings. I am a size 9 in shoes and a size tall in stockings - my favourite are flesh toned or sheer black Cuban heels.  
  4. Perfume, make up and beauty products. My favourite perfumes are tobacco vanille by Tom Ford, Fatale by Agent Provocateur and Gypsy Water by Byredo. I love lipsticks in cool red tones and purples. When in doubt a Myer or David Jones gift card will suffice.  
  5. Aromatherapy goods. I just love to keep my space smelling incredible at all times, I enjoy sweet and spicy scents depending on my mood. I always accept high quality candles, diffusers and aromatic oils for my baths.  
  6. Vouchers for massages, pedicures and manicures. Needless to say I LOVE being pampered.  
  7. Cigarettes - Peter Stuyvesant classic blue. Nothing less!  
  8. Books and records. Music and reading are two of my favourite hobbies. Never assume as my tastes are quite eclectic.  
  9. Healthy vegan goodies and vouchers are always appreciated.  

I am hopeful that these tips will assist some of you in becoming better submissives for your Mistress. If you are still stumped for ideas, just ask. 


Mistress Ophelia Fatale.