FAQ 2.0 - Booking a Professional Dominatrix

So during My morning coffee and cigarette this morning, I started to filter through my email and text message enquiries; and you know what? Most of them were the same old questions.

Whilst I understand that seeing a Professional Dominatrix is an extremely exciting time and you just can't help but overshare, ask something inappropriate or simply overlook My booking protocol; there are many questions that can be interpreted as disrespectful. To make it easy for you, I have compiled some answers into one simple blog! 

  1. The number 1 most asked question "Hi, are you available?" to this question I may simply reply with a "No" and state My availability. Did you book this time with Me a minimum of 24 hours ago? No? There's your answer! A lot of preparation goes into my appointments, it takes Me at least two hours to get ready, prepare the dungeon and plan our time together, why would you want to rush perfection? To book an appointment with Me, you will need to pay a deposit and correspond with me excessively to make our limits and session content clear for both of us! You wouldn't walk into a tattoo shop with an extremely detailed request and want it to be executed within the hour now would you? If I have a short notice booking available, it will be advertised. 
    The intense preparation that I put into our time together ensures that it will be perfect for the two of us!
    This does not apply to regular, devoted clients of mine. If you wish to book a short notice session with me and you know my availability - just text. 
  2. "What are your rates?" or "How much?" I won't even get into the protocol issue here, but you will find My rates on the Session Bookings page of my website. This is non negotiable! 
  3. "When are you available?" - Saturday-Tuesday: 10am-10pm, Thursday - Friday 6pm-10pm
  4. "I cannot afford your rates, can you do a discount?", "I'm only after *insert activity here" can I have a discount?" or "I am a student, discount?" To put it simply - NO. There are plenty of clients that can afford My rates waiting for My next availability. I would suggest saving until you can afford My full tribute! My time is money, regardless of the activity you are seeing Me for!
  5. "What is included in your session?" or "What services do you offer?": The answers to these questions can be found on My Session Bookings page. Please read it carefully, including My limits to see if we are a good match. 
  6. "What can I expect in our session?" and asking this question before you have made a booking. You can expect exactly what we've spoken about! I will not discuss session activity in depth with you until your booking is confirmed with a deposit! Why? Because unfortunately as an adult service provider, I encounter a lot of time-wasters. Many of these people are looking to discuss their fantasy with Me with no intention of making a booking. I also like to leave something to your perverted imagination.... 
  7. "Insert five paragraph fantasy here" when you send me your ultimate fantasy with no details of when you would like to make a booking, this screams time waster! Respectfully ask if I can cater to your fetish and then ask Me how to proceed with your booking, this lets Me know that you're serious! 
  8. "May I pleasure myself in our session?" With My direct permission ONLY - that's if your hands aren't restrained. Actually; I'd like to see you try that ;-) 
  9. "I want you to own me" Ahhhh I see! I love everything about ownership. You must remember that I am a Professional before a Lifestyle Mistress, however My regular slaves will find that I can be the perfect mix of both! Think of me as your sugar domme-y. An ongoing relationship, costs and terms can be negotiated with Me if you're a client of Mine that is looking to take things to a new level. Ask Me about My slave contracts, too ;-) 


Ultimately, you mustn't forget that you are making a booking with a Professional, not unlike your doctor or a tattooist! You can find an example message for making a booking with Me below - 

"Dear Mistress Ophelia, 

I am *insert name here*, I came across you on *backpage, google, kink.com.au, twitter etc* and I would love to book a session with you. My interests are *insert fetishes here* and my limits are *insert limits here*. 

The last Mistress I saw was *insert Mistress name here* in *insert date here*/ OR / I have not seen a Mistress before, here is my full name and facebook page (to verify your identity). You can find a photo of myself attached. (NO DICK PICS) 

I am available on *three possible booking dates and times that correlate with my availability above - NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE*. Please let me know where you wish me to send my deposit

Kind regards, submissive X" 

By ensuring that you have read all of the information that I have to offer and following my booking protocol, a session with me is almost guaranteed!