Well hello there boys of Brisbane, as many of you know, I've been working hard to conjure ideas and equipment for clips; even making a few solo ones! 

After much deliberation I've come to the conclusion that solo clips aren't necessarily My thing.

Next month as I've settled into My new home I'll be seeking film slaves to participate in the making of many fantasies including but not limited to: 

  • whipping, flogging, caning, paddling and spanking  
  • electro torture
  • strap on play
  • human ash tray  
  • boot worship  
  • general servitude
  • medical scenes  

As always, a tribute will apply for My time however it will be less than My real time session fee. Filming will take about 45 minutes.

It important for you to note that film sessions are not the same as My real time sessions so it is preferred that we have an established connection whether it be through chat or previous real time sessions. 

Apply by email to

Daytime availability

I am now available Mondays and Tuesdays from 8am

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Online Domination

Perhaps you're curious about becoming a collared submissive but cannot commit to real time sessions? Maybe you're too far from me or you simply cannot afford real time? Luckily for you I am now offering a range of solutions to your debacle

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So you want to see a Dominatrix?

Most nights (when I'm not elbow deep in a boi) I'll sit in bed with a cup of peppermint tea and lurk the internet. I've found many many many red flags in the kinky corners of the internet including; untrained, unprofessional dominatrices, clients getting scammed out of money and dommes getting scammed out of time. Here are a few tips to ensure the smooth running of that your first encounter with the Goddess of your dreams:

  • Do your damn research! Google her, look for a website, pictures, reviews and social media accounts or other workers that the Mistress may know. If she doesn't have any references - are you really going to trust her with your safety? (This said, many dommes don't have websites but they do at least have a reputation and friends!)
  • Is the price too good to be true? Then it is. You get what you pay for has never been more accurate. If you're tight on money, book a shorter session with a good Domme - This will be much more rewarding and memorable than a two hour session for $200. (or donate a testicle)
  • Initiate contact her through her website. This is an important one. I've had one boy scammed out of FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS by someone using my content on collarspace. To ensure that you're not being scammed and you're actually talking with the cool sexy woman, use her site or her establishments site to contact her! 
  • Be specific, get to the point or FUCK OFF. The brutal truth. Tell us what you're looking for, 3 potential dates and ask how you can pay your deposit if Mistress requires them. If you need to speak excessively about your fantasy, offer to pay a consult fee. 

I'm sure I'll think of more pointers... stay tuned. 

Mistress Ophelia Fatale xxx

"How can I please you Mistress?"

A short guide on pleasing your queen, satisfying her desires and using your manners.  

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