Mistress Ophelia Fatale is an intelligent and cunning pleasure seeker. Possessing a wicked sense of humour behind My brooding appearance, I bring a sense of unique creativity to BDSM.

A statuesque Goddess yielding piercing green eyes, long brown hair and porcelain skin. I am a multi-faceted Mistress of dark desires; I am a true pervert, a creative disciplinarian, a humiliatrix with a sadistic streak.

As a dominatrix by profession and lifestyle, I am a passionate purveyor of all things kinky and taboo; I adore sharing My fetishes with those new to kink or the more experienced player. Whether you are a submissive, slave, masochist or kinkster; I will put you to use and use My intuitive abilities to ensure that your time with me is unforgettable.

I pride myself on my ability to know exactly what you need from me when you walk through my door; A strangely sadistic and nurturing maternal figure? A cold hearted amazonian queen that shows no mercy? Or perhaps, a manipulative humiliatrix, coaxing you to degrade yourself for her entertainment? These are all facets of My true personality, My genuine intrigue and passion are what makes Me one of Brisbane's most popular Female Dominants. 

Whilst I do not demand your submission, I do demand your respect. Tread lightly in my Realm.